Urban planning and land management

We provide qualified urban planning advice on planning, management, execution and urban discipline to public administrations as well as to individuals and companies. To this end, we draft reports and opinions (Due Diligence), carry out legal reviews, conduct negotiations and assume the legal assistance in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings relating to all areas involved in urban planning.


Since urban planning is a matter of regional and local regulation, it is important to seek advice from professionals who know the local regulations well and are familiar with the operation of local administrations.


At RODRÍGUEZ TUR ABOGADOS we can help you to process licences, segregations/groupings, to defend you against urban planning infringement proceedings, to appeal against penalties or to negotiate urban planning agreements with the Public Administration. We can also help you to examine the urban development use of a plot of land so that you know if you can build on it, if you can divide it, how many square metres you can build on it, etc.


Furthermore, if necessary, we have a network of collaborating professionals: architects, engineers, solicitors, topographers, etc. which allow us to meet all the needs that may arise from your case.


  • Processing of licences.

  • Urban management.

  • Administrative appeals.

  • Contentious proceedings.

  • Urban planning regulations: infringements and penalties.

  • Segregations/groupings.

  • Cadastral procedures.


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